Born in 1987 in Montreux, Danaë is a girl whose destiny is to be a designer. Since a very young age, she draws, writes, plays dress-up and cuts her own hair, inspired by her mother.

After completing her education in la Tour-de-Peilz, she decides to take the road to fashion and attends a clothes design school in Lausanne in 2007.


Photography, fashion, catwalks, designers, Coco Chanel, Elie Saab, Hermès, to imagine, to laugh, and, mostly the joy of life, my friends, my family, and the autumn sun.

Dancing, being active, singing, music, reggae, painting, drawing, anywhere, a candle in the night shining on the “Book of Life” by Martin Gray.

Especially dreams, dreaming, at night, during the day, love, generosity, meeting people, sensations, heat, cold, feelings, and creating and composing beautiful things.